Recently Google has announced a tablet, Nexus 7 which is an 7 inch tablet and will be available for $199, Microsoft too planning to launch its own Surface tablet by the end of this year.

Its no doubt that Apple tablet, iPad is the clear leader of the market but many people prefer to buy a cheap and small version of tablet because its easy to carry and you can use it on the go as compared to iPad which is 9.7 inch.

It was believed that Steve Jobs was never in favor of small version of iPad, but now it seems that Apple has understood the market and they were planning to launch an iPad Mini.

Bloomberg has reported from some strong sources that Apple is planning to launch small version of iPad, iPad Mini in around October and September, at the same time when next generation iPhone will be launched. iPad Mini news were floated many times before but nothing happened, but this time news is coming from some strong sources.

iPad mini will be available for around $199, at the same price of Google Nexus Tablet and Amazon Kindle Fire too. So by launching mini version of Apple which will be of 7 inch of size Apple wants to completely kick Android from the market.

So just wait for some more news and we will keep you updated, till then you can share what you think of this using comment section below.


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