Hard Disk is one of the one main component of your computer or laptop as they store your sensitive data, you need to ensure that you take care of your drive so that your data remains safe. In earlier days there use to be hard drives which were used in desktop and laptops, then in 2007-08 a new phenomena came, SSD aka Solid Stated Disk which are smaller and faster than hard disk. As they are compact and less in size, manufacturer can use them on laptops or notebooks which will ultimately reduce the weight of your device and at the same time your system will work faster.

Adata SP920 SSD

Last month I got Adata SP920 SSD delivered at my office, from a long time I was planning to install my Windows on SSD so that it can boot faster and respond faster when I launch any program and my files will be on HDD.

Adata SP920 SSD comes in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and in 1TB variants and all variants uses 256Gbit NAND which seems good and nice at this price, as most of the other SSD comes with 64Gbit NAND.

ControllerMarvell 88SS9189
NANDMicron 128Gbit 20nm MLC
Sequential Read560MB/s
Sequential Write180MB/s360MB/s500MB/s
4KB Random Read80K IOPS96K IOPS98K IOPS
4KB Random Write45K IOPS80K IOPS88K IOPS
Endurance72TB (~66GB/day)
WarrantyThree years

When I bought ADATA SSD many of my friends asked my why I chooses ADATA when I can get SEAGATE or other branded SSDs, but for me brand really doesnt matter in some cases, what matter here is that product should be good and it should be able to give nice feedback to the users. If you marketing and sales team has good potential then you can sale good numbers of units, and my past experience says Adata has good team in India and in Asia.

Adata SSD

Raw NAND Capacity128GiB
# of NAND Packages8
# of Die per Package1x16GiB

SSD Test :-

To Test this SSD we installed couple of apps on it like :-

  • Adobe Master Collection CS6
  • MS Office 2013
  • Adobe Lightroom

We have installed this SSD to our PC which has Intel i7 chipset with 8Gigs of RAM and Windows 8.1, and firstly we run read and write test on Desktop Lometer on that it has got a score of 88.6MB/s which seems to be a good score, when it comes to write it has got score of 312.8MB/s.

Opening of above mentioned apps seems to be very quick, which you should expect on a SSD, we tried to close and open apps again and again and all seems to work fine without any issue.

Read/Write Speed :-

To test its sequential performance we run 2-3 minutes of 128KB sequential test over it and recorded its performance. We found that read speed doesnt drop and average speed is maintained over the period of time with fewer NAND die.

Adata 256GB SSD

Transfer Rate :-

We use ATTO  tool to measure the transfer rate of this SSD and we were not surprised when it shows this disk can transfer data at the rate of 500MB/s.

Power Consumption :-

Power Consumption is one important aspect you need to consider on any SSD, even in idle condition this SSD seems to consume good amount of power, when it comes to read or write, its power consumption remains in good figures.

Final Words :-

In our test 256GB models lose some performance due to fewer NAND dies, it comes with license for data migration software and a 3.5 inch adapter which surely a additional benefit for you. Its good to see Adata uses 256Gbit NAND in all variants and it makes its lower drive more popular. Surely Adata has priced its SSDs very well and the price tag they carries is a nice deal for you. In future we would like to see more technology built products from Adata.


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