Almost all of us own a Hotmail Id,But sometime using it is a bit time consuming.But if you use following Shortcuts you will save your lots of time:-

These shortcuts are tested by me and working fine on Firefox and Google Chorme.

Delete :- Delete a message

Ctrl+N :- Create a new message

Ctrl+Shift+O :- Open message

Ctrl+Enter :- Send message

Ctrl+R :- Reply to a message

Ctrl+Shift+P :- Print a message

Ctrl+Shift+F :- Forward a message

Ctrl+S :- Save message as draft

Ctrl+Shift+J :- Mark message as junk

Ctrl+Q :- Mark message as read

Ctrl+U :- Mark message as unread

Ctrl+Shift+V :- Move to folder

Ctrl+. :- Open next message

Ctrl+, :- Open previous message

Esc :- Close message

/ :- Search messages

F7  :- Spell check

S then A :- Select all

S then N :- Deselect all

F then S :- Go to Sent folder

F then I :- Go to inbox

F then D :- Go to Drafts folder

If you use these shortcuts then you will save your important time.