While using or surfing internet we many times like some websites or web pages and wanna revisit them and for this we Bookmark those pages so that we can easily find them later on.

But some time we change our computer or we fear that if something unusual happen and we lost our bookmarks then what to do, a easy solution is to make a backup of your all bookmarks.

Bookmarks Backup is a freeware utility which allow you to make a backup of almost any web web browser, it supports Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

To make backup of your bookmarks just launch this portable utility and then it will ask you to choose your web browser and then provide location to it and then click on Backup button.


If you wanna restore your bookmarks then again launch it and this time use Restore section and then chose your web browser and then choose the backup file which you had created and then click on Restore button.

You can use this tool to export and import bookmarks from one browser(s) to another.

It makes backup of :-

  • Bookmarks / Favorites (Bookmarks / Favorites)
  • Open tabs / pages (tabs / pages) of each browser
  • Background
  • Saved passwords