We had already told you that Google’s mobile OS, Android 3.0 Is Purely Build For Tablet’s, Now Google has revealed this OS features which we are going to share with you.

System Bar

As tablets has big screen as compared with phones, So Google has added a System bar at the bottom of the screen, this bar has 3 buttons, Back, Home and last one for Multitasking.

When you tap Multitasking button you will see visual preview of recently used apps.



In this OS you will find all your notification at the bottom right of the screen, you can control music from there, It will pop up if new message arrives, you can also navigate to some important settings from there.


Old Apps Will Work Fine

In this new OS, all old apps build for Android phones will work fine without any hesitation.You can run you favorite games or any other app which you want to use on tablet without any fear.

New Gmail Layout

In Honeycomb you will see a new layout of Gmail, In this layout you will see two columns, One shows all your folders and second shows messages, When you will click on any message, folder pane goes out and message will be loaded means you will see only two columns.

You can also drag and drop any message to any other folder and it will be moved to that folder.


New YouTube layout

Not only Gmail had got new layout in Honeycomb but YouTube also a new layout, as you can see in the image that you will get 3D view of videos there.


Music Albums With Cover

Now you can flip music covers to check your albums, its also build using 3D.


Google Body

Google body is new app which is added in this OS, it allows you to browse through the human body and you can even switch to different layers of human body.You can also made search with the name of any part of body and it will show you that part.


Nice Gaming Experience.

Android 3.0 is build with Render Script (used for 3D) which allows you to play games on it very smoothly and nicely.

New Camera UI

A really new and stunning camera UI is introduced in this OS,When you navigate to camera you will get all these new controls at the right side of the screen, like you can control Flash, whiteness, brightness.

You can also flip it to front camera using these UI.

You can also shot video and upload it to YouTube instantly.


New Contact View

As you can see in the image below you will get a new look of contacts and you can make Chat, Video,call or email him by just a click.


USB 3.0 Capability

This new OS is fully support the new USB 3.0 technology, which allows you to transfer data quickly from digital camera etc.

New Layout of CNN

CNN is one of the best news media in the world.CNN team had worked hard and they are developing a mobile based app for Android and it will be available free of cost in Android Market shortly in future.You can switch to different categories from the left side pane which makes you navigation a bit easy.

You will see both Audio update and live video on the top Action Bar.



The browser is re-design and it has been made almost like you desktop browser like you can have multiple tabs, incognito browsing access to bowser history etc.

Re-Designed Keyboard

The keyboard of this OS is re-designed, now you can type quickly and more accurately.The keys are now big and smooth for typing.



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