Everyone knows about URL shortening service like Bit.Ly, Goo.Gl and many more, these are popular as they convert big URLs into short one which is easy to share on services like Twitter as they allow limited character.

But the problem with these URL shortening services is that they do not provide any information and you will not have any idea where you are going unless you arrive at the page. Some services directly took you to destination page while some shows ads before taking you to destination page.

Here comes the service URL Uncover which provides details of destination page before you go there so that you will be at the safe side.

URL Uncover

You can download Google Chrome extension of Mozilla Firefox add-on, it supports almost all URL shortening services like Bit.ly, Tiny URL along with advertisement based services such as adf.ly or linkbucks.com

To get it work all you need to do is enter the URL and click on Uncover button and then service will shows you the web address of it along with screenshot. It also checks whether that webpage or IP address is blacklisted or not.

On Google chrome you can click on extension icon on toolbar and then paste the URL then it will take you to result page on which you will get same set of information, while on Firefox you will be provided with a form on which you can paste and get results.

One thing which is missing according to use it no option on right so that you can check URL by right click on it.


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