Mobile devices has made our life much easier, we can use them as phone and due to advancement in technology you can now listen music or use camera of your smartphone to click images while you are on picnic, party or like that. Its easy and fun to use camera for making videos or taking pics from it, but when it comes to transfer those files to PC then it become a hard task as you have limited option, either you can use Bluetooth for file transfer but its slow and take lot of time, you can also use your supplied USB cable but its annoying.

Windows Phone Easy Transfer

There is an another easy option and its through WiFi, all you need a WiFi connection and your both, Windows Phone and PC needs to be connected with same network and then Easy Transfer, a free app for Windows Phone which can make your life easier.

Unlike some other apps which ask you to be installed on both phone as well as PC, Easy Transfer is required to be install only on Windows Phone, once its installed and you launch it, you will see a IP address on app.

Just enter that IP address to any other web browser on your PC, or tablet and you will find your Windows Phone storage listed their. Now you can download or upload any file from any location of your phone.

One thing which we liked on this app is that it can run in lock screen as well, it a good feature as if you are transferring large file so it become very helpful feature.

Overall its a nice app and simple to use, if you are a Windows Phone user and transfer between it and other devices then you should try this app. You can get it from Windows Phone Store.


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