Suppose you are having a coupon code for an online shopping website which is going to expire in next 5 hrs and if tweet that code so that your followers can also get benefits but your coupon code is going to sit on your timeline and if any follower check it next day then he will not be able to use it.


But now an ex-employee of Twitter has created an nice application, Spirit, which integrates with your Twitter account and checks for your timeline for self-destructive tweets. You can set any tweet to be deleted after a specified time by just using hashtag.

To get started you need to log in to Spirit with your twitter account and grant it read and write access and you are done. This app will work in background and look for specific hashtags.

ou can use hashtag like #10m (for 10 minutes), #10h (for 10 hours) or 10d (for 10 days). You are free to post tweets from web, mobile or from any app, just use these hashtags.

If in future you want to stop this app then in Twitter navigate to Setting –> Apps and revoke this app access.


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