Making video calls over internet is normal for almost all internet users, there are lots of software or services available which allows you to make either video or audio calls over internet like Skype or Google, but if you are not making video calls to your friends because you dont have a webcam then DriodCam is here to rescue you.

DroidCam is a freeware application for Windows PC which lets you convert your Android smartphone to webcam so that you can make video calls to your friends or family members. This program is very easy to and operate, all you have to do is install DroidCam on your Windows PC as well as on your Android smartphone.

DroidCam PC Client

Once you are done with installing app both on your Windows PC as well as on your Android mobile phone then you can create connection between your phone and PC, it support following types of connections :-

  • Connect via WiFi :- Both your phone and PC must be on same WiFi connection and you have to enter details which were being shown on your mobile to the PC app. This mode is mostly recommended as its easiest to setup and apply. In this your mobile work as server and your PC as a client.
  • WiFi Server Mode :- If you dont have WiFi network then you can use this type of connection, its only available in paid version. Here your PC act as a server and your mobile as client, your mobile can use 3G/LTE connection and allows you to connect with external IP and allows you to share your mobile camera as webcam
DroidCam Mobile Client
  • Connect via Bluetooth :- This type of connection is very similar to off WiFi Server Mode and its too available in paid version. If you dont want to use your mobile data then you can use this one but bluetooth connections are slow and less reliable
  • Connect via USB :- If you dont have WiFi in home and you too dont wanna use your mobile data connection then you can use USB connection to connect your PC and Android smartphone. If you didnt installed have drives installed on your PC then you might have to dig into advance setting.

Once you had established connection between PC and phone you are ready to go. If you are on Windows 8 and wanna make calls via Skype then you should note that this app wont work with metro application, you can download and install desktop version of Skype which can work with this app.

You can download DroidCam for pc from HERE, and mobile app from HERE.


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