We already knows that Google Docs Can Be Seen As A Replacement For MS Office,

Now today we are going to share some useful shortcuts for Google Docs which will save very important time of yours,

So here are :-

Ctrl+Home :- Get back to the top of your doc.

Ctrl+B :- Bold.

Shift + Ctrl + E :- Center Alignment

Shift + Ctrl + L :- Left Alignment.

Shift + Strl + R :- Right Alignment

Ctrl + Atl + M :- Insert Comment.

Ctrl+End: Go to last cell in data region.

Ctrl+Home: Go to first cell in data region.

Shift + End :- Select entire row.

Ctrl + Z :- Undo.

Ctrl + Y :- Redo.

Ctrl + J :- Full justify.

Ctrl + Shift + L :- Bulleted list.

Page Down :- Move down one screen.

Page Up :- Move up one screen.

Ctrl + K :- Inset link.

Ctrl + Shift + F :- Full screen.

Ctrl + :- Remove formatting.

Word Count :- Ctrl + Shift + C

That’s It. 🙂


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