If you are a blogger who had taken screenshot or deals with images or photos then you surely don’t want that others can use your photo/ images without giving you proper credit. Its very hard to track all your images and know who is using it properly and who is not.

Best way to protect your images is to put a watermark on your image, by doing this you will always get credit for your work, we had already shared tool to put text watermark on your image.

But here is a nice tool of PearlMountain Photo Watermark, it’s a nice tool which allows you to put watermark on your photos or images.

You can add text or image watermark on hundreds or images at once, you just need to make few mouse click and you are done.

To get started with just download and install it, once you launch it you will get few templates which gives you pre-defined settings, which saves your time and effort.


It allows you to drag and drop your images into it, which is quite a good feature if you wanna open lots of images at once.


You convert your photos to other formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, PDF, TGA, TIFF, GIF and PSD, you can also adjust the quality of your file(s).


You can adjust the size of your images, it comes with some pre-defined formats which can be useful across some popular platforms like Android, Facebook, iPhone, Email, iPad and so on.

You can also play with some advance settings, or DPI to make necessary adjustments to your file.


Next feature is Watermark, here you can navigate between Image or Text watermark, it already comes with 50+ images which can be used as watermark on your images, and good thing is that it supports almost all kinds of images, you can also resize/rotate the watermark image.

Or if you wanna go for Text, then you can choose from lots of Fonts, give shadow effect or also can insert Edges to your images.


You can do any kind of correction which you wanna make like adjust brightness, Contrast, Saturation or adjust sharpness to your images.

At last you can also add borders to you images, while adding borders you can select how large it should be, of what color it should appear and so on.

By default there are lots of profile available in it, but it is advisable that you make your own profile so that in future you can do your work more faster.

It’s a nice tool which is quite light weight, fast and quite responsive, You can add folder and what we like is that you can also add images by entering there URL.

This tool cost you $29.90 but due to discount and if you purchase it today then you will get it for $19.90.

Rating :- 3.5/5

PearlMountain Photo Watermark



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