Many of us first search for a newspaper in morning so that we can grab and find out what is going on around the world, what latest has happened in our interested area’s and so on. Reading newspaper is a good habit but nowadays most of us dont have time to read news as we have to rush to office or for some other work that’s why, not all of us can afford to read newspaper peacefully nowadays.

If you think you could read newspaper while commuting on Metro or Bus then I will suggest to think again, earlier I use to do the same but trust me its not a easy task at all.

If you love newspaper’s and dont have time to read them then why dont you try a simple to use app, NewsHunt, this newspaper app is available for almost all devices out there, no matter if you have iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia Sybian, Windows PC or a Java mobile, they have app for you.

NewsHunt is a newspaper aggregator who brings news from different regions to you and in your favorite language as well, at this time you will find newspapers in approx 12 regional languages. This newspaper app pulls publications from India along with Africa and Bangladesh and it has 100+ publications.


Its UI is very simple, on homepage it will ask you for language selection and on the basis of language selected by you it will show the list of news in various categories like Headlines, Sports, Entertainment and so on, once you select any of these you will get list of newspapers from which you can read news.

A feature which we like is that you can remove a particular category from a newspaper, suppose you want to read only Political News on The Indian Express, then you will be able to remove other categories from newspaper so that you will get clean and simple interface.

If you have eyesight problem then you can always adjust fonts or background of it so you get comfortable reading experience. Sharing of news is also there, you will be able to share news on social media like Facebook and Twitter, it also allows you to share news with other installed apps on your device like WhatsApp, eMail, Google+ and so on.

We had used this app on both 3G and EDGE network and we didnt faced any issue at all, however sometime images took time to load on EDGE but its fine. If we talk about contents then contents are latest on it and it do show breaking news as well.

Final Verdict on NewsHunt :-

If you love to read news daily then you should give a try to this app, it wont disappoints you at all. You can get this app from your app store.

Visit NewsHunt Website.


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