We had already shared trick which allows you to cut your Micro SIM to Nano SIM which can be used in iPhone 5, Apple has started a new trend of Nano SIM with the launch of iPhone 5.

Till now you are required to manually cut your SIM card which is very risky job as a small mistake can damage your SIM, but now a Nano SIM cutter is available which can cut down your Micro SIM to Nano very easily.

One of our friend Maninder Pal Singh has tweeted the photo of that cutter with the remaining part of his Micro SIM. As we talked with him, he said that this cutter is not available in India at this time and he has got it from China.


I too visited Gaffar Market, (biggest Gray Market here) and try to find out such cutter but had no luck, we hope these cutter will hit Indian market in 2-3 weeks


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