If you use Facebook very much than you might heard a beep sound whenever you get any notification on your account. Facebook is rolling out this new feature to everyone, its quite good as if you are working on some other tab then Beep sound will notify you for new notifications.

If you get few notifications in a day then it’s a quite good feature for you but if you are a power user and use to get lots of notification in short time then it might disturb you from doing other works.

To disable this feature all you need to do is :-

  • Log in to your Facebook Account,
  • Now Click on Settings gears at top-right corner and then click on Account Settings from drop down menu,
  • From left sidebar click on Notification Settings
  • Under Notification Setting you will see Option How You Get Notifications –> On Facebook click on View


  • Now just uncheck the option saying Play a sound when each new notification is received, and you are done.



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