iPad 2

We had already told you about iPad 2, Now today Apple is going to launch this 9.7 inch tablet in US stores.iPad will be launched at 5 PM local time but before you spend your money on it you should know few things which will be good for you.

What is the price ?

iPad Wi-FiiPad 3G + Wi-Fi
16 GB$ 499$ 629.99
32 GB$ 599$ 729.99
64 GB$ 699.99$ 829.99

3G Plans from AT&T and Verizon :-

250 MB for $ 14.99 for a month1 GB for $ 20, valid for a Month
2 GB for $ 25 for a month3 GB for $ 35, valid for a Month
4 GB for $ 45 for a month5 GB for $ 50, valid for a Month
—————————————10 GB for $ 80, valid for a Month

How to get ?

You can get it from 5 PM local time from Apple stores or you can even run to your near by Verizon, AT&T or Best Buy stores to get it,

How to get in India :-

There is no news regarding the launch of iPad2 here in India, I contacted some of Apple’s official partners here in India and said that they had no news regarding the launch of this new tablet here.

So how to get it :-

  • Ask Your Relative :- If you had any relative in US or any other part of globe where Apple will launch it on 26 March then you can ask them to bring one for you, this is the most easy and cheapest method as you don’t have to pay any extra duties.
  • eBay.In :- Once iPad 2 shipping start it will come on eBay’s site, You can check eBay after a week means on next friday and you will find iPad 2 there and you will order it and they will ship it for you.
  • Gray Market :- This is the most used method, I too going to use it as I cant see any other option working for me, ok back to topic, Once iPad 2 is launched in US just wait for 10-15 days and then head to your near by gray market and you will find this new device there, you may have to pay some extra bucks but who cares if you getting your hands on this awesome device.