Windows 8 early build 7850 is leaked and can be downloaded via torrent sites or any other file sharing sites.

If you wanna test some new features then you can download the ISO copy and burn it in a DVD and make simple installation which you do with other OS.

But for me I never like to burn early builds like leaks/Beta or RC to DVD because once next version comes then that DVD becomes useless, you are like me then its better to install Windows 8 via an USB drive.

For this here are the requirements :-

  • Windows 8 ISO file,
  • MBRWiz, a free Diskpart utility,
  • USB drive having at least 4GB of space,
  • Any ISO mounting utility like MagicISO or Virtual Drive

Now here is the process :-

  • Connect your USB drive into your PC,
  • Now format your USB drive by right clicking on its icon in My Computer and selecting Format,
  • Now open your Command prompt by typing cmd in run command,
  • Now type  :-

convert j: /fs:ntfs (Here J is the drive letter of your USB drive)

  • Now mount Windows 8 ISO file into drive with MagicISO or Virtual Drive,
  • Now again open Command Prompt and move to the directory where you had MBRWiz using cd command and then type following and note down your USB number :-

Mbrwiz /list

  • Now type :-

Mbrwiz /disk=X /Active (Here X is the number of USB drive)

  • Once it will ask for a confirmation just type Y and hit enter,
  • Once the process is completed close command prompt and start new one and type following commands :-

X: (Windows 8 ISO drive letter which you had mounted)

CD Boot

bootsect /nt60 X: /mbr (X: is your USB Drive)

  • Now it will copy all contents from Mounted drive to USB drive,
  • That’s it now reboot your computer and enter into BIOS menu and change the booting sequence and set USB or Other drive as you primary boot and then boot again and install it as you do with DVD.



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