Selfies are trending nowadays, you can find selfies on your Facebook timeline or on your Instagram account as well, many would think selfie is a new trend among youngster but I have also seen some uncles and aunties enjoying selfies as well. This selfie has changes the whole new concept of mobile camera, earlier we only use to take images from rear camera, but now companies are coming with better and wide angle front facing camera which allows you to take good selfies.

Wedding or Shaadi, in hindi is one of the most memorable moment in anyone’s life, here you start a new life with your partner, and to make it more interesting, memorable and interesting, Microsoft has launched a new initiative called #SelfieShaadi.


Vijay Tonk, popularly known as Think Tonk, who is an experianced photographer has captured the special moments of a couple on a Microsoft Lumia 730 in this unique way.

In an interaction with Vijay, he said selfie is becoming a new trend and he has saw several couples taking selfies in wedding itself, but while taking selfies its necessary to have best in class phone so that you can capture best image of those wonderful moments, and that’s why he selected Lumia 730 which has a wide screen 5Mp front facing camera.

Earlier this year Microsoft has launched an selfie shaadi contest and after which company has selected some in which this #selfieshaadi concept was implemented.


Vijay also shared that clicking selfie at the wedding is more like a fun as with this, guys can see the images which they are going to take, otherwise other photographer took photo and you dont have any idea how you are looking in those picture until you see it which is of course after wedding, but with #selfieshaadi you have the power in your hand and you can click pictures when you want.


On asking Vijay how was the reaction from groom and bride, he said they were excited with this new concept and in whole wedding they enjoyed, he said he guided them so that pictures come out perfectly but most of the things are done by phone itself.


Vijay said :- “Shooting with the Lumia 730 was a completely different experience. In spite of being really compact and easy to handle, the device gave some fantastic results. Selfies are a part of our everyday lives now and everyone loves to capture themselves in selfies. It was interesting to direct shots and get the couple and their families to take those selfies. It was a challenge to get the right shot but at the same time fun as everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves and having a gala time.”

Our Words :-

We must say this new concept was totally a fun and new thing in India, here you are capturing your best moments by your own, so its a fun, although its a challenging job but overall company and Vijay has executed it in a perfect way, and hopefully we can see a new trend in future as well in the form of #selfieshaadi. We will be happy to see what next interesting thing Microsoft do.


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