Many times we need to access internet on our device to check urgent mail or to reply to any mail or so on, You can enter into restaurant or café who offer free WiFi service but if you cant find it then you might be in trouble.

But if you are having Nokia Lumia phone with you and its having Data connection active then you can share internet of it by creating WiFi hotspot with it.

To create WiFi hotspot on Nokia Lumia :-

  • Right swipe on your Nokia Lumia phone to visit application menu,
  • Now scroll down and tap on Settings,
  • Now Tap on Internet Sharing option, It will be turned off, Just tap on it to turn it on,


  • Now tap on Setup,
  • You can select then type of Security, go with WPA2, Enter other details like WiFi Hotspot name and password.
  • That’s it, now just Tap on Right Tick at the bottom of the screen and you are done.


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