Did you had just started a new company and looking to promote your business so that you can boost the productivity and get lots of customers for your business.

Making visiting card is very easy and effective way to promote your business, but what about promoting your business online? Loopriz is a online service which works as an world company directory.

Loopriz is an online world company directory where you can create Business Cards and share them to achieve better performance in business opportunities.You can share all information about your company on the card which you create.

Loopriz allows you to make your own personalized online visiting card which will help you to boost your business.Once you create your visiting card then Loopriz will index your website and it will be available to be viewed by everyone who visit website.


If you are looking for some information or like on some other companies then you can also search for other companies online visiting cards, all you need to do is just use the big search bar at the top of every page, you can use keywords like company type, name, products/services.

Loopriz also allows you to share your online visiting cards with everyone who is online.This is an absolutely free service for all, you just need to make an account on Loopriz and then start creating your own card and then share it.

All newly created visiting cards are shown on the homepage of the website, means whoever visit website will take first look at your business’s online visiting card which is very good for your business.

Not only this, this free service also allows you to get your Vcards get printed so that you can share them when you go for an meeting.

This is an nice service for for small entrepreneurs and rising businesses to gain faster connections and partners via this platform thus avoiding high advertisement costs.

Visit Site :- Loopriz


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