If you are a MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) customer then you might be facing a weird problem, whenever you open a website then a pop-up ads comes from bottom right side of the screen, problem with these ads are that MTNL is injecting these ads and these are not served by any website.

MTNL Upgrade Ad

Whats Happening In Background?

Actually these ads are being served by Adphonso, which is a rich media ad company and directly connected with ISPs, like MTNL and inject ads.

Whats the issue?

As these ads are directly injected by ISP which means ad company might be tracking your movement on internet and looks what you are surfing and doing. And this also slows down your internet speed and page load time as these ads being served first before page loads.

How To Block These Pop-Up Ads?

If you are using a ad  blocking extension like AdBlock Plus then it wont help you too, even if you are using private mode or incognito mode then also these ads keep coming. There are few methods which you can use to block these ads like:-

Modify you HOST file : You can modify your system’s host file and block adphonso.com and But problem with this method is that when you load page it keep waiting for response from ad and sometime you might face problem and then have to reload page.

And if you using wireless network then you have to edit host file on every system and if you use any mobile device too on same network then you wont have any option to block ads on it.

Use VPN :- You can use VPN service, as these services uses SSL connection then ads wont be served to you, but these services are paid one.

Add filter to your router page :- This is the easiest and most preferred method, you have to logon to your router page and navigate Access Management -> Filters and enable URL filtering add the values adphonso.com and in the URL indexes (These setting might differ router to router).


MTNL Pop-UP Adblocked