Google Fonts are the collection of some free and open source fonts which you can use on your web development. You can install Google fonts on your website or in a single page.

If you love Google Fonts then you can also use them on your desktop by downloading and installing them on your desktop. But it requires manually downloading and installing, and if there is any new update for Font then you have to update it manually too.

SkyFonts is a freeware app which allows you to Sync Google Fonts with your Desktop automatically. You can install SkyFonts on your Windows or Mac from HERE.

Once you had install SkyFonts on your desktop now head HERE and select the fonts which you want to sync with your desktop and add them to your Collection.


Once you had added any font to your collection then it will automatically be installed to your desktop. You can launch desktop app to view installed fonts or you can check online same.

You can install any number of Google Fonts but you can use SkyFonts on up to 5 devices. If any font gets update then it will automatically be installed and old ones were removed.

SkyFonts is one of the best app for downloading and installing Google Fonts on your computer without any hassle.


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