Suppose you are in a trip and suddenly your boss rings and ask you to make PowerPoint presentation and you find that your laptop don’t have MS Office Suite.

Or you wanna make some word document and share it with your friends who are don’t had Windows Live id.Microsoft had made easy to make Office document,Now you can launch your browser and start making your Office documents.

Ok so if you wanna make office documents online and share it with your all friends then here is the way :-

  • Visit SkyDrive page and login with your Windows Live ID,
  • Now click on New and select the file Type you going to make,


  • Now it will ask for name of File, just provide a name and click on Continue,
  • Now after some loading your browser will open a blank,
  • Now type whatever you wanna write and then Click On File and Save,


  • Now click on SkyDrive at the top,Now you will be moved to your Office document page,
  • Now hover your mouse over the document which you wanna share and click on Share –> Get Link,


  • Now on the next screen you will see 2  boxes,Under Share with friends, click Copy to copy the link for sharing with only the people to whom you’ve granted permission to view your files.Or Under Share with everyone, click Create link, and then click Copy to copy the link for sharing with anyone using the link, regardless of whether you’ve granted them permissions or not.


  • That’s It click on Done at last