Recently I have to share some data with my friend so I gave my USB to him and asked to transfer data in it. When I attached that USB to my computer I saw that there is nothing in USB just some shortcuts to files which my friend gave me.


I took no more time to understand that his computer was infected by virus and mine to got infected. I tried to attach another USB to my computer and same thing happen.

Solution :-

To solve this problem you first need to delete AutoRun.inf files which are a part of virus. so first download Autorun Exterminator and extract it. Run the exe file and then attach your USB. It will delete all autorun.inf files from your USB and hard disk too.

Now open your command prompt by typing CMD on your run dialog box and then provide following command (Replace J with your USB drive letter):-

attrib -h -r -s /s /d J:*.*

This command will unhide all files and folder on your USB. Now download and install a good anti-virus and make a full system scan with it.


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