Yes nowadays we are living in a digital age, and everything is going digital, now you have you have your boarding card on your mobile, documents are now on your cloud, presentations are now on your laptop and so on. But still, there are many occasions when we need physical copies of documents, many times we need to get print outs of some documents as many times, say in government offices you need to submit physical copies, they just dont accept online copy.

Canon Pixma MG3070S Paper Tray

In short, no matter how much online you could be, paper remains the first choice and most widely used even in today’s life, and to get printouts you need a printer, and nowadays, there are so many multi-function printers out there, and one of them is Canon Pixma MG3070s which we have received some time back.

Inbox Contents Of Canon Pixma MG3070s:-

  • Printer
  • Wires (Power and USB)
  • Color and Black/White Cartridges
  • CD for setup, and
  • Documents

Build & Design Of Canon Pixma MG3070s:-

The Canon Pixma MG3070s is a heavy machine as it weighs more than 3KG but as it will sit on your desk most of the time so you need not worry about this thing.

It has some box shape look and comes with black matte finish, there is a Canon logo at the front side and just below this you will find retractable output paper, above it, you will find a flap, which gives access to cartridges slot, you can replace or install cartridges from here which is a very simple job.

Canon Pixma MG3070s Front

At the top, you will find a folding paper input tray at the rear, you can feed paper to the printer by opening this flap, and it does allow you to feed different sizes of paper.

Canon Pixma MG3070S Scanner Bed

At the top, there is a secondary flap as well which gives you access to scanner bed, just next to it there are five buttons and seven status LEDs buttons arranged vertically, yes there is no display.

Canon Pixma MG3070s Ports

There are no ports on either side of the printer, at back, you will find a power port and USB Type-B.

Setup And Installation Of Canon Pixma MG3070s:-

Installation of cartridges is very simple, you just have to open the flap and gently push them in and that’s it, you are done with the installation of cartridges.If you planning to use this printer over wire, then installation is pretty simple, you just need to connect it via provided USB cable to your computer and install all drivers from the provided CD or you can download it from its Canon website as well.

Canon Pixma MG3070s Buttons

If you plan to use it over WiFi, then things get little tricky here, you have to go through a wizard which guides you through the process in which you have to press LEDs in a specific sequence, it took me a while to get it done, but once it was done, you are ready to rock and roll.

If you want to take out prints from your app as well, then you can download Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY, yes this is the name of the app, you can download it, and on the first start, it will ask you for setup and then you can use it for taking print-out or scan from your app.

Printing Test On Canon Pixma MG3070s:-

How a printer prints pages is the main question for anyone, we did several printing tests on this printer, while printing a full black and white page, it can easily print 8 pages in a minute, when we took print out of a page which has half picture and half text, again black and white, it print 5 pages in a minute, while if you have a color page then it can only print 2-3 pages a minute.

If you are going print a multi-page document, then the first page takes some time, afterwards, pages speeds up automatically.

The quality of printouts was good and level of colors are very accurate in them, saturation and hues are also very accurate and images do looks very close to real life.

As this printer is for home or small business use, you can not compare the speed and quality with enterprise printer. The quality of prints is good as per the price of this printer.

Same goes with copier, it can copy black and white or color pages for you, and when it comes to scanning, it is not going to disappoint you here too.

Extra Features:-

One thing which I liked in this printer is that you can monitor the cartridges level by just going to the web interface of your router, this is something which is useful and nice. You can also print directly Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter through the app.

But there is one missing feature here is that it does not support Google Cloud print which means you can take prints when you are away.

Final Verdict On Canon MG3070s:-

We had used this printer for around a month and we can easily say, the overall performance of this printer is very good and satisfactory, it is simple to use, yes WiFi part is little tricky, the quality of prints are nice and above average, and yes speed is also very nice.

Canon Pixma MG3070s Cartridges

This is a cost-effective printer, Ink Cartridges are very economical, Black&White is priced at Rs. 499 while the Colored on is priced at Rs. 746.

There are some features which are missing like there is no display panel which could help in many scenarios, and it also don’t support Google Cloud print.

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