In its last ZenFestival, Asus has showcased its in-ear headphones, the Asus ZenEar which is now available for purchase. If are a music lover and want to enjoy music then you never use the bundled earphones comes in the package of your device, instead, you should invest in some good quality headphones available in the market, and that’s what Asus is claiming these ZenEar are.

Asus ZenEar

Inbox Contents:-

When it comes to inbox contents you will get following contents inside of your box:-

  • ZenEar
  • Extra ear buds to match your ear size

Build And Design:-

When it comes to build and design, then these ZenEar looks very similar to other available earphones, it has got rubberized cable which looks quite decent and is very sturdy in quality, you will not be disappointed with its quality.

Both ear pieces are made up of plastic which is the good thing as if there is heat outside then you won’t feel it on your ears as metallic ear pieces will get heated up very easily.

Asus ZenEar

Both ear pieces are the curved little bit to match the curvature of your fingertips which allows you to push them easily inside of your ears, and fit them correctly. Ear buds are angular in shape which also allows you to fit them correctly and easily in your ears.

Asus ZenEar

When it comes to providing controls, then it has got a mic in the middle and there is only one button to either accept or reject calls or to play and pause songs. The company should have provided buttons for volume controls, earphones from other company’s comes with this.

Sound Quality:-

Sound quality is the main key on any ear piece, to test these earphones, we played different quality of music, and we enjoyed almost every song on them, they provide very punchy bass. While listening to instrumental songs we enjoyed them very well, the sound of drums, and piano looks pretty well on it. When it comes to lows these headphone does not perform that much but when it comes to mids and highs.

Final Word:-

These headphones provide crisp and punchy sound output to the users, base sound very well on them, but if you love to listen heavy base then these headphones are not for you. Lows doesn’t seem that much greater on these ZenEar, however, mids and highs are not going to disappoint you at all.

Asus ZenEar

If you love to listen soft or instrumental music then you will surely be going to love them as they provide good sound output for them.

However when it comes to build quality, it’s very average, we were expecting at least flat wire which does not get tangled in an easy way, but it only comes with average quality rubberized wire.

Earlier these headphones were available at the price tag of Rs. 1,299 but recently company has dropped its price and now it is available at Rs. 699 which makes a very good deal for music lovers.

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