Host Your Domain’s Mail On Outlook

Google has provided an nice service which allows you to host your companies mails, calendar, blogs and all other Google services under Google Apps. It an free service and you can have host your [email protected] very easily on Google’s server.

Microsoft has recently launched Outlook.Com an new designed email service. Now to give competition to Google Microsoft also allowing to host your emails on Outlook. So now you will host [email protected] on Microsoft server and will get Outlook Metro design on your mail.

Why Should I Switch To Outlook From Google?

Well the question is good and its answer is :-

  • Outlook has a nice Metro design which is far good than Google,
  • Outlook Offers you unlimited storage which is 10 GB in Google Case,
  • Google allows you to create upto 10 Users in Free Edition, but Outlook allows 500 users.

How To Setup My Domain For Outlook

Some handpicked devices for you