Nowadays for storage is increasing day by day and if you are someone who is into content creation or work across multiple computers and you need to transfer data from one to other then you know the pain which you will get if you want to transfer some big files then it can easily take long time to get done, many times I feel like edit my videos directly from my USB drive, without the need to of pasting it on system as it will take a long time to get it done.

To do these kinds of thing you need a fast USB drive which can provide nice read and write speed to you so that you can easily do your work with waiting for a long time. Recently SanDisk has announced its Extreme series of USB drives in India and I got one Extreme Go to test.

SanDisk Extreme Go

Build And Design of SanDisk Extreme Go:-

The build and design of SanDisk Extreme Go is fairly simple, it is just like any other thumb drive from the company, its port retracts into the drive, there is a toggle button to push it out or in. The build quality of this toggle button is not that much great, you have to be careful with it.

When this drive is in use, a blue light glows, its bright and clearly shows some operation is going on. There is a port to attach strap or keychain to it so that you won’t misplace it.

Usage Of SanDisk Extreme Go:-

SanDisk Extreme Go provides extremely fast read and writes speed, it uses and supports up to USB 3.1 ports, company claims a read speed of up to 200MB/s and write speed of 150MB/s, but to reach this speed you need to have USB 3.1 port on your device.

I had tested this device on my USB 3.0 port, and the speed which I got was fairly nice, it was not close to the claimed speed but was something which will make my work extremely easy. I disk test, the result showed it has reached 128Mbps and 166Mbps Write and Read speed respectively.

SanDisk Extreme Go Benchmark

I also tried to transfer 2GB of data from and into the device, I got speed of 100Mbps and 80Mbps speed respectively, which is not near to claimed speed but it need to be noted that I am using USB 3.0 port in this operation, which means if you have USB 3.1 port, then you might reach more faster speed.

Just for the last time, I decided to put mixed contents, like exe files images, videos zips and so on in a folder and then transfer it, again speed was nice and all files were in the drive in no time.

SanDisk Extreme Go

This USB drive comes with SanDisk Secure Access which encrypts your data so that no other person can have access to it, you can either secure full drive or just couple of files which you don’t want others to look into it.

Final Verdict On SanDisk Extreme Go:-

The overall design of this device is simple, and easy to use, this device is priced at Rs. 3,600 for the 64GB variant, which seems to be a good price for a device which provides so much of options to you. I even tried to edit my video directly from this device and I was able to do so.

SanDisk Extreme Go

So if you are into content creation then you should have this drive with you which makes your task very easy and save much of your time. If you are someone who just needs thumb drive to share music, video or handful documents, then there are other cheaper options available for you.


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