I like Opera mainly because it has speed dial feature which lets you open your favorite site very easily.

Chrome also shows some frequently used sites in new tab home page but it shows only 6-8 sites,What if you wanna add more and edit them?

Speed Dial is a Chrome Extension which let you enjoy the same feature of Opera Speed dials in Chrome.

You can set the number of dials in the page, select your desired theme and background image,

Google Chrome "Speed Dial" Extension

Features :-

  • Use site logos as speed dials
  • Customized dials thumbnail image
  • Edit dials title and url
  • Add new dials directly from the speed dial page
  • Dials thumbnails are updateable (see the options page)
  • Customize the distance between the dials
  • Speed Dial grid can be set up to 9×9 matrix
  • Bookmarks bar now displays also folders

You may use following link to install this extension on Chrome :-

Install It


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