Nokia is going to hold Nokia World Event on September 5, and some news are coming that Nokia might announce 2 new Windows Phone 8 devices in this event. WPDang is claiming that we could see Lumia 910 and Lumia 920 at this event.

Some Nokia developers has claimed that an Wp8 device was leaked through Nokia Dev Tool which was codenamed Juggernaut Alpha, and it could be Lumia 920.

Nokia has suffered lose in last quarter and we are expecting that its sell will go down more as WP8 is not supported by current Windows Phone device. So if there is another new WP device in 2 month then why anyone would go for WP7 device which has no major update in future.

As currently we don’t know much about WP8 as Microsoft has not revealed any details about it, So we could expect that we will see all changes and feature on September 5. During Q2 result announcement Nokia has said that they will launch first WP87 device so we can expect that this report might be correct.

As WP8 comes with higher hardware support and higher resolution then we could expect a solid device WP8 from Nokia


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