In recent time we had seen a growth in action camera, there are lots of new companies entering into market and providing some great feature which allows you to take images or videos on the go. Recently I got Intempo HD Action Camera for review. What I like about product is its too small, easily fit into your shirt pocket and its much cheaper than other action camera in market.


Inbox Contents

When I opened box first I found Intempo HD Camera sits inside a waterproof casing, there was another box which contains other accessories of camera. In second box I found manual (in french language), helmet mount, bike mount, another case for camera, Mini USB for data transfer and charging and Velcro strap. In package I got a photocopied and stapled English manual is provided with the product, outside of the box.


Build And Design

Camera is very small and light weight, at top of camera you will find a power button along with microphone and  shutter button which you will use to take images or shot video. At right side it has a sliding button which will allows you to change camera mode from Still Images, Videos or slideshow. There is nothing on left and at bottom you have a Mini USB port and micro SD card slot which supports up to 32 GB microSD card. Intempo HD Action Camera comes with a  small 1.7 inch LCD display screen with 3 buttons to control playback, menu and zoom options.


Intempo HD Action Camera HAS 5 MP shutter which allows you to record videos at 720p. It has a Mini USB port which is used to charge and transfer files from camera to PC. Intempo HD Action Camera comes with a waterproof case and we had tested it with it and it worked like a charm. Waterproof case has two buttons at top, power and capture button. One thing which we think is missing is it doesn’t allows you to change camera mode from waterproof case, if you want to change mode from images to video or vise then you have to open case and change it from there.


I fully charged it with supplied cable, it took couple of hours to get fully charged then I used my 16 GB microSD card and surprisingly it recorded 43 minutes 720p HD video.

Camera Test :-

In our test we found that images shot under sunlight are great and acceptable, we had found some noise when we used it under low light quality. Don’t expect too much from camera, if you use to shot under sunlight or good light condition then you will find it useful. It comes with some good options like ate, timestamp date on photos, power frequency, image or video quality. One more thing which we like is it has a power saving mode under which LCD goes off if not used for a particular period of time.







Video Sample :-

Pros :-

  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with mounting accessories
  • Good picture quality under good conditions

Cons :-

  • No mounting accessory for cars
  • Comes with French menu by default, has to switch to English manually
  • No microSD card included

Final Verdict :-

Intempo HD Action Camera is totally worth of its price, Video and picture quality is good under daylight conditions, it can record 720p videos. You can get Intempo HD Action Camera at $56.49 at MobileFun.

Intempo HD Action Camera
Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on May 28 2014
Rating: 4.0


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