How To Install Facebook Home On Unsupported Device And Outside US


As you all know that Facebook Home is available for download on Google Play store but at this time its only available on US Google Play Store and it too available for few device like :-


  • HTC One X,
  • One X+,
  • HTC One,
  • Samsung Galaxy S III,
  • Galaxy Note II, and
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4If you don’t have any of the above device and not in US but still wants to download and enjoy Facebook Home then here is the workaround.

    Install Facebook Home Outside US

    If you are outside US but using one of the above supported device then things are very simple for you all you have to do is download Facebook App and Facebook Messenger, Once you had installed them just install Facebook APK from HERE.

    Install Facebook On unsupported devices

    If you are using an unsupported device and still wants to install Facebook Home then things are little tricky for you. First of all you need a rooted Android Device and then access system folder and need to edit your build.prop file.

    In build.prop file you will find these lines :-


    Now change it to like this :-


    This will make Google Play Store think that you are using an Samsung galaxy NoteII and allows you to download Facebook Home.