How To Find PayTM Bank Account Number And IFSC Code

In the last couple of years, PayTM has emerged as one of the major payment platforms in India, you will be able to see PayTM payment option on all major websites, and not only this, you can do much more from PayTM as well, like you can recharge mobile phones, pay mobile bills, recharge DTH, pay other bills like electricity, Gas, Water and other, and not only this, you can book flight tickets, train tickets, bus tickets and movie tickets as well, and be doing all is very convenient.

PayTM BankDetails

Earlier this year, PayTM started its banking service, the PayTM Payment Bank, there are no physical branches of this bank but you enjoy more or less same service which you will get from traditional banks.

Earlier today, I was making an account on a Crypto Currency exchange and they required my bank details, I was testing that exchange and was in no mood to provide my main bank details to that website, as its a new website and I don’t want to give my bank details to them.

So I decided to provide my PayTM bank details and move forward with it, but that website was asking my account number, IFSC Code of bank branch and Bank Name.

After spending some time here and there I was able to figure out these details, and it’s very easy to find these details.

To get these things, just log in to your PayTM app, and then tap on Bank option, and then navigate to Saving Bank Account section.

PayTM Bank Details

Here you will be able to see your Account Number, which will be your registered phone number and IFSC code details, your bank name will be PAYTM PAYMENTS BANK LTD, and address of PayTM Bank is as follows –

PayTM, B-121, SECTOR-5, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India 201301

This is the simple way to find details of your PayTM Bank which you can use when you don’t want to provide main bank details.

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