Display A Fake Warning Message

Wanna play a prank with your friends by scaring them huh ? Then why not display a fake warning message on their computer.

Well the message will look like this :-


How’s it? well its very simple to create this kind of message, Just follow these steps :-

x = msgbox(“Warning Message”,0+48 ,”Title”)

  • Just replace Warning Message with your Message which you wanna show and Title with anything like Attention or Warning.
  • Now save this file with any name but make sure that name end at .VBS like TechnoArea.vbs,
  • If you want to show this message at the start up then simply first hide this file and the right click on it and then Send To –> Desktop Shortcut,
  • Now put that shortcut in the startup folder which is :-

C:Documents and Settings(user)Start MenuProgramsStartup (for Windows XP)

C:Users(username)AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup (For Vista And 7)

  • Now whenever your friend opens his/her PC he/she will find that fake message
  • How It huh, Enjoy this trick