Google has launched its own tablet Nexus 7 in 4 countries, US, Canada, UK and Australia and they hadn’t said anything regarding the launch in other countries yet. But if you are in India and wanna get it then best way is too ask any of your relative coming from these countries.

But if you had no luck and cant find any of your relative then also you can get it here in India as some e-Commerce websites are selling it. Here are the links for 3 websites selling Nexus 7 here in India :-

The seller on all these site is same Cart2India, but for some reason price varies from site. Another thing if you get Nexus 7 here in India by using this site then you will find that it states

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

But we had reached Asus, who is the manufacturer of this tablet and they had said that :-

Warranty for Nexus 7 is country specified and it will be valid only in those country where product is purchased.

Now you need to note that these tablets will be purchased first in US and then ship to India by seller, so technically product is purchased in USA and warranty will be valid only there, So you wont get any warranty cover here in India.


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