We are in that phase where every company is looking to reduce the printing cost in their offices, and if you are having an small or medium scale business then you will surely wants to reduce the cost of printing as much as you can, but we have seen printing cost is one of the main concern in an of the given companies. Small and medium sized companies cant invest into those big photocopier which can bring your printing cost down but to invest and manage those photocopier is not possible for small companies.

Brother DCP B700D Front

Recently Brother, a Japanese Brand with more than 110 years of history has came up with their new toner box printer series, which company has introduced mainly for small and medium sized companies.

Company has sent us one of its newly introduced DCP-B7500D printer to us, its and Mono Laser Multi-Function printer from the company, which can bring down the printing cost up to 33 paisa per page, you can get the original toner for around Rs. 940.

Build And Design Of The Brother DCP-B7500D –

As per the build and design, this is fairly a compact printer from the company which is best suited for any new startup or small companies where space can be a problem.

On top you will find your scanner glass which lets you scan pages and ID cards very easily, we will talk about scanning quality very soon.

Brother DCP B700D Side

At front you have your all controls along with single LED panel which can display 2 lines, it is quite handy and useful, below this you have your paper tray which can takes up to 250 pages at a time. On both left and right side, there are some vents for air flow.

As this is a wired printer, you will find both wiring port, power and USB port at the rear of the printer which means it keeps wire out of the sight.

The overall design and build quality is simple, nice and clean.

Tech Specs Of Brother DCP-B7500D –

This Brother DCP-B7500D is an all in one machine which can print, scan, copy and do automatic 2-sided printing for you. Company claims to have a printing speed of 34ppm for A4 pages, but in our test it was about 28-30 which is still a nice speed for it.

The input capacity of this printer is 250 pages which means once you load papers in the tray you can sit and engage in your work without any worry to load papers again.

If you are interested in under the hood features of this printer, it has a processor of 600MHz, and memory of 128MB which is good enough for a printer.

Setup And Installation Of Brother DCP-B7500D –

Set and installation process is fairly simple, as soon as you connect printer with your computer, it automatically initiate the installation of printer, if not then you do get media inside the box to install or you can download drivers from the official website.

It just took 3-4 minutes to install the printer drivers and get it working.

Sad part is the it has only wired connection mode which is a down side as nowadays you can easily get wireless printer in half of its price range and you can easily share a wireless printer with others in the office.

Printing Test Of Brother DCP-B7500D –

Printing test is the main thing which anyone looks for in any printer review, we had used this printer for around 2 weeks and enjoyed it, as it has only wired mode means prints will be fast as compared with wireless one.

Company claims to print around 34 pages per minute from this printer, we were able to get 28ppm which is again a good number and for a printer.

the quality of prints were fine and they were like which you can expect from your printer.

This printer series comes with with an innovative toner cartridge technology which has 2600 pages yield toner and it can bring your printing cost down to 33 paise cost per page.

There are some other printers as well in this Toner Box Series, like HL-B2000D, HLB2080DW, DCP-B7535DW and MFC-B7715DW. DCP-B7500D sits right between all of these. The main USP of these printer is that they brings your printing cost to very low level.

In this, the customer only needs to replace a small toner tube, allowing you to reuse the main image processing unit for optimal cost-efficiency and is affordably priced at MRP of Rs. 940.

Mainly we have seen that many companies go for local refilling of toners but by doing this you not only void your warranty and also put your machine at risk.

If you are getting toner tube for such a low price and by doing this you retain your full warranty, will get high quality prints and life of machine will also increase.

Final Verdict On Brother DCP-B700D –

Brother DCP-B700D seems to be a good option for any start up or small company, its light weight, allows you to input 250 pages at the same time, it has all in one functionality of Print, Scan, Copy and Automatic 2-sided Printing, and it also supports media like A4, Letter, A5, A5(Long Edge), A6, Executive, Legal, Folio, Mexico Legal, India Legal.

Yes there are some printers which comes with wireless option at the price lower than this one but we have to consider that in companies wireless prints may not be suitable and in wireless speed will be slow as well.

So the overall feedback from us for this printer is good, the main usp is that it brings your printing cost very low and you don’t have to go for refilling to local vendors and put your printing’s life to risk.


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