Lenovo K900

In on going CES event Lenovo has announced its another smartphone, K900 is the first smartphone of the world which comes with forth coming Intel’s Atom Z2580 processor aka Clover Trail+.

It features 5.5 inch display screen which comes with 1080p IPS display, it has stainless steel bodyand polycarbonate body. At the back of the phone you will see a 13 MP camera with f1.8 with LED flash, it has widest angle lens on any smartphone, at front it has a camera which has 88 degree viewing angle, again its widest.

On the other hand Intel Z2580 has dual-core processor and dual-core graphics processor, according to Intel it is 2 times faster than Atom Z2460 processor, which is current generation processor.

According to said Liu Jun, president, Mobile Internet Digital Home, and senior vice president, Lenovo

“With the K900, our team has broken down the key functions of the smartphone and redesigned them from the ground up, Rather than focus on specifications that look good on a datasheet, we’ve zeroed in on what consumers want and proved that for smartphone users, top performance doesn’t require a thick profile. The K900 is a game-changer that looks as good as it performs.”



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