Last week Nokia has announced its new phone in Asha sub-brand, Asha 501. This phone has got some good response from all around the globe. We too had spent few hours on it and found it very impressive phone.


If you are looking to get phone in limited budget then you must give a try to Nokia Asha 501, As per us there are few reasons which force you to buy it like :-

#1 Design

Design is the first thing which anyone notice when get phone in its hand and Asha 501 has killer design, if you take a look at earlier launched Asha phones then they had not an eye catching design.


Asha 501 has svelte design and design which you will find in 10K plus phone, Asha 501 design is very much similar to of Lumia phones. It has unibody and matte colors which make it look more expensive than it actually is.

#2 Data Compressing Browser

Nokia Asha 501 comes with Xpress Browser which compress your data consumption upto 90%. Xpress Browser comes with cloud compression technology which cut downs your data consumption and make your browsing fast.

#3 Fastlane

If you love multitasking then you will love it, inspired from Nokia N9 swipe design, in Asha 501 you will find Fastlane which makes easier to access your most used apps, latest updates from social networking sites, latest images and so on, all this just a swipe away.

#4 New Asha Platform

Asha 501 runs on new Asha Platform which is designed on top of Nokia S40, Asha OS is fast and more user friendly. It is more responsive too which means new features can be integrated with future updates.

Developers will be able to create apps for Asha 501 which will also be compatible with future Asha phones. Asha OS will get its own Store too.

#5 Freebies

Nokia Asha 501 comes with lots of freebies, it comes with 40 free EA games which usually  cost $75. Nokia has also tie-up with Facebook which results in free Facebook on Asha 501 on both app and web browser.

#6 Battery

In touchscreen phones people usually complains that their battery drains very early and cant run phone full day. My many friends has 10K+ Android phones and they complaints about their battery very much, but Asha 501 has powerful battery which gives 17 hours of talktime and up to 48 hours of standby.

#7 Price

The phone will be available for $99 means around Rs. 5,400 without taxes, as per us total market price for Asha 501 will be around Rs. 5,700 which is very nice.


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