Zoook, a well-known name when it comes to mobile phone accessories audio segment, we have seen some high-quality headphones and speakers from the company, couple of days back we have got another fine product from company for review, the Zoook Jazz Claws, it’s a Bluetooth Neckband which you can use it with your smartphone or any Bluetooth supported device to listen to music or make calls.

Zoook Jazz Claws Rahul

I have listened a lot about Zoook but this is the first time when I had got the opportunity to use the device of them, and my expectations were high and I was not taken down by this nice piece of headphones.

Inbox Contents Of Zoook Jazz Claws –

When it comes to inbox contents, then you will find following things inside the package –

  • Jazz Claws
  • 4 Pairs of Earbuds
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Guide
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Design And Build Of Zoook Jazz Claws –

Build quality of quite well, when you bring it out of the box then you will find that build quality is quite durable, it is made up of soft rubberized silicon material which makes its sweat resistant with IPX4 rating, means you can use it while jogging or hitting the gym.

Zoook Jazz Claws Bluetooth Neckband

The wire from neckband to the ear is very long, and when I say long, it is really very long, sometimes it becomes annoying as well. It has a Micro USB port for charging and three buttons, Power which also acts as your Play and Pause, Volume Rockers which also acts as your Next and Previous buttons.

However the buttons are made up of plastic and yes they do feel cheap while you press them, however, feedback from they is good and nice.

Zoook Jazz Claws Bluetooth Neckband Buttons

All controls are on right side, one thing which is good here is both sides of neckband has the magnet which keeps them in place while you are running or hitting the gym.

The earbuds are angled out to perfectly fit into your ears, there are a couple of earbuds which you can use as per your ear size.

As this is specially made for those who love to work out, the company has made sure it does weight much, it weighs just 27 grams and you barely feel it while it is hanging around your neck.

Connection Quality of Zoook Jazz Claws –

Connecting Zoook Jazz Claws over Bluetooth is pretty simple when you turn it on, it will go in pairing mode, next time when you turn it on, it will get connected to the last paired device automatically.

Bluetooth range of Zook Jazz Claws 10 meters as per companies claims and we also haven’t find any issue in this range.

Audio Quality Of Zoook Jazz Claws –

Zoook is the company which specially deal in audio related accessories for mobile phones and they know how to do their job perfectly. We have tried almost every kind of music with it and overall feedback is quite nice. It supports APT-X technology which makes your music experience over Bluetooth more enjoyable

Mids and Highs were very nice with vocal, instruments and everything was very well if you are listening mids and highs, but when it comes to low, you might not feel instruments that good. If you love base, then you will be pleased with it, while listening EDM we can feel all base throughout the song.

Zoook Jazz Claws Bluetooth Neckband Buds

While using Zoook Jazz Claws, it blocks out 90 percent of outside noise and you will be able to enjoy your music at full, but if you love to get some outside noise as well, then it won’t be here.

This has a mic as well which lets you take calls but call quality over here is not that much great, its just average, it does cancel out the outside noise but volume is bit low while making calls, other people won’t be able to listen to your voice with much clarity.

Battery Life Of Zoook Jazz Claws –

Battery life of Zoook Jazz Claws is something which impressed us very much, the company claims it can provide 20 hours of battery life and in our usage, we were able to get around 16 hours of usage time with 80 percent volume, which is very impressive.

Final Verdict on Zoook Jazz Claws –

No doubt, Zoook Jazz Claws is a nice piece of headset, the volume is nice, you can enjoy clear music with it, provides a nice base. Build quality is superb and feel solid, sweat resistant makes it perfect for gym usage, and battery life is again good and can easily last a day or two.

Zoook Jazz Claws Bluetooth Neckband Branding

However, call quality is not that much great but if you are looking for a headset for music and casual calling then this is a good device at this price tag.

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