Mozilla Team is adding some new and great features in its upcoming browser Mozilla Firefox 3.7,Mozilla team has released a new alpha version which provide some cool features, and one of them is that you can move your tab-bar toward top Or between Menu Bar and Navigation Bar.

If you wanna move your tab bar toward top then,

First right click on toolbar and then select TABS ON TOP

Now you will see your tabs at the top just below your title bar

You can also put your title bar between Menu Bar and Navigation,See the screenshot below:-

For this follow these steps:-

  • First right click on tool bar and put your tabs on top
  • Now again right click on tool bar and click on MENU BAR which will disable your Menu Bar,
  • Now again right click On Tool Bar and click on Menu Bar to enable it,
  • Now you will see your tabs between Navigation and Menu Bar

Use following Links to download It :-

Download (Windows)

Download (MacOSx)

Download (Linux)


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