You might not know but your images can generate good amount of traffic to your blog or website. If you want to drive more traffic from your images then you must know how to optimize them so that they can score good traffic for you.


#1 Name of your Image

As you might be aware that no search engine spider is able to read image all they can do is read text, so to understand what your image is of they take help of name of your image.

If you are uploading an image shot from your DSLR then you must change its default name to something else, while choosing image name you should keep following thing in mind :-

  • Name should be in plain English
  • It should be short and descriptive
  • Use keywords into your image name
  • Don’t include (_+/*=) in your image name instead use (-), like technoarea-tips.png

You can dig into your website analytics and try to understand what your visitors search, what keyword pattern they use, look for web trend and then choose your image name wisely.

#2 Alt Tag

Image alt tag means alternative text of your image and this is that tag which search engine spider uses to understand your image. Adding alt tag to your image also helps your website achieve better search engine ranking.


Here are some good practice of choosing proper alt tag :-

  • It should be in plain English like we have in image name
  • Try to use keyword in alt tag
  • If your product have any serial or model number, then mention it
  • Don’t over optimize alt tag otherwise you will be penalized by search engine

#3 File Size

An average use wait for 3 seconds for webpage to get loaded, if your image is heavy and bulky then it will increase your page load time and Google has also mentioned that they penalize slow website.

Try to reduce the image size as much as possible but without losing quality, if you have Adobe Photoshop then you can select Save for Web option under File menu and save image from there.

If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop then you can use following online tools for editing and saving your images :-

#4 Submit Image Sitemap To Google and Others

You can provide more information about images to Google and other search engine by submitting image sitemap to them, if you are a WordPress user then you could find several plugins which can generate image sitemap for you and you could submit them to Google from your Webmaster account.

What is you technique to rank your images better in SERP better??? Share your tips in comments sections.


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