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[How To] Enable Facebook Video Chat In Mac OS X Lion

As we had already told you that Facebook has launched video chat feature with Skype for its users which allows you to make video calls to your friends from web interface. Facebook video Chat is supported on all major browsers like, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer on all major OS Windows, Mac and

Remove Or Customize Google’s Black Bar

Few days back Google has made a change in its homepage, they had put a black bar on the top, the bar is present in Google homepage from a long time but the color of it was light. There are many Google users, like me also, who are not liking the black bar and some

Recover All Saved Passwords Safari Using “SafariPasswordDecryptor”

We had already mentioned some tools which can recover your saved passwords from different apps. Now today we are going to share another handy app which will recover the passwords from safari browser.Safari is one of the most used browser from Apple. Safari 5 is out and it is fast and sleek.If you use safari

Apple Launched World Fastest Browser, Safari 5

Apple has officially upgraded its web browser and launched new version of its web browser, Safari 5. According to Apple it is the fastest web browser of the world because it use Nitro Engine,which make Safari 5  runs JavaScript up to 30 percent faster than Safari 4, 3 percent faster than Chrome 5.0, and over