As we all know that Windows Phone 8 is one of the major upgrade for not only users but also for Microsoft has with WP8 Microsoft is expecting to increase its smartphone market share in which they are still struggling.

In June Microsoft has do revealed WP8 but kept many things in there box and does not told anything to us. But now Mary Jo Foley is saying that we could see first WP8 device in November.

She has news from some source and says that WP8 will reach its RTM stage in September and its devices will be available by November. Well WP8 is the first OS which is built on Windows 8 shared kernel not on Windows CE.

WP8 will bring more hardware support, high resolution, multi-core processors and much more which will help Microsoft and its partners to bring more customers.

As you already know that Microsoft will release Windows 8 on 26 October, so they had decided to launch WP8 after that because WP8 will be the first OS which will sync with Windows 8 in real time.

So lets see what goes on, we will share all latest news with you, Till then if you had to say anything or wanna share something then you can comment below.


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