Most of the users complaint that they do not get proper apps support on Windows phone platform, if you are one of them then here is a new app for you which lets you scan your documents easily.

CamScanner is a free cross-platform app which was earlier available on Android and iOS and recently made debut on Windows Phone. This app is available for Windows Phone 8 users, sorry WP7 users.

To use this app you need to download it from Windows Phone store, its free so no issue to download, once downloaded and installed you have to login with your CamScanner account, if you have then login or if not then create, its also free.


When you are in, tap the camera button and take photo of document which you want to scan, you don’t need to well align document as CamScanner auto detects and crops the scanned image.

Scanned documents goes through a series of processes and it is enhanced so that it can look like a true scanned copy, CamScanner offers 5 mode which you can select to enhance your copy.

Scanned copy can be converted into PDF and saved into CamScanner account. You can search for text within document, add or edit name, add tags or notes in the document.

You can share your document using your SkyDrive or even you can email JPF image file of scanned document.

Main Features:

1) Scan Documents

  • Auto detect and crop scanned images
  • Smart enhance documents with 5 enhance modes
  • Quickly covert to PDF files

2) Manage Documents

  • Easily search texts in document images
  • Add/Edit name, tags and notes to documents
  • Copy, move and marge documents

3) Sync Documents

  • Upload, download and manage documents at
  • Access and update documents on smartphone, tablet and web app

4) Share Documents

  • Upload document to SkyDrive and send file link via email
  • Send JPEG images via email
  • Save document image to phone Photos



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